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Target Audience 1The Horticultural and Gardening Festival targeted a cross-section of gardeners across Victoria, from beginners to those more experienced, as well as those interested in organic produce and cooking.

The Festival also attracted many young families with the inclusion of ABC television's ‘Dirt Girl’, jumping castle and face painting.

Target audiences for the Gardening and Food Festival 2016 are the Australian socio-economic groups AB aged 25-49 years, plus groups C, D & E.

AB is the highest scoring socio-economic group that are more likely to live in a capital city (74% vs 62% of the population), have a degree or a diploma (25-49 years), employed full time (72% of AB’s), earn an average income of $90,000, 71% are married or in a de facto relationship and 41% have children under 16 living at home.

This equates to our audience having disposable incomes for travel, home improvements and improved lifestyles. The core group for gardening are those already keen but wanting to learn more; they see the value in improving their health, fitness and property values. And there are the tried and tested gardeners who have gardening as part of their activity base.

44% of local residents aged 25-49

Target audience 1 GFF 2016A recent Harvard Business Review study of home renovator demographics, showed home renovation peaks in the mid 30's to mid 50's age group when consumers are typically in their peak earning years. As their families are growing up, the home is the centre of their world and many believe improving the home improves the family.

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